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Mobily Surpassed 1 Million Mobile Broadband Subscription Mark

Mobily, a Saudi Arabian Operator, has surpassed one million mark in mobile broadband subscription recently. Mobily lunched mobile broadband packages on may ’07 commercially. 73000 subscriptions were registered by the end of 2007 and with a 264% growth rate the operator announced 266,000 subscriptions at the end of 2008 which lasted at 1 million mark at the end of 2009.

Mobily is currently offering 3 package offer in mobile broadband services. 1 GB bundle for SAR (Saudi Real) 100 a month, the 5 GB bundle for SAR 200 a month and the unlimited bundle for SAR 350 a month. GSM world association declared Mobily as the busiest mobile data network in world. Also the rate of data traffic i.e. download and upload volume increased tenfold from 2007 to date. Currently the operator is holding 50 TB (Terabyte) of data traffic.

Mobily is having 80% mobile broadband coverage with HSPA in all populated areas of Saudi Arabia.